Customer Support Manager

Customer Support Manager

Business Unusual.

As an outdoor company dedicated to enhancing and inspiring exploration for adventurers and their human companions, we do things a little differently. We believe success goes beyond making great products. Our privately held company mindfully reinvests its profits back into our business to create a sustainable, nimble organization. Our adventurous and curious team is empowered to take calculated risks that promote product innovation, strengthen customer relationships and reduce our impact on the planet. Ruffwear partners with grassroots organizations and initiatives like The Conservation Alliance, working together to protect and restore the wild lands and waterways where canines and humans connect and thrive. What started as a one-man endeavor in 1994 is now a globally recognized leader in the outdoor industry, and our culture has been recognized by Outside Magazine as one of its 100 Best Places to Work. Based in Bend, Oregon, our warm and collaborative atmosphere at Ruffwear invites the sharing of ideas through respectful, stimulating dialogue and enthusiastic support for the implementation of new initiatives. Our loyal pack is intrepid enough to climb a mountain, but prudent and canny enough to backtrack if the route doesn’t feel right, and resourceful enough to blaze a new trail to the summit. We are looking for a customer support manager to inspire and empower our pack of customer service brand ambassadors. Intrigued? Read on.

You are:

  • An inspiring leader ready for a career-elevating role that aligns with your desire to be of service to others.
  • Able to zoom out to 30,000 feet to identify alternate routes that solve an issue and then zoom right back in with your team on the ground to collaborate on direction.
  • Known for creating a safe atmosphere for your team to engage in healthy, robust discussions where they may not agree on how to solve a problem but honor the process and know you will guide them to solution.
  • Uniquely wired as both a people person and a systems guru.
  • Curious, love to learn new things and open to personal and professional growth.
  • Wise, respectful and empower others to see different paths forward by guiding and training them with quiet confidence and a positive demeanor.
  • Adaptable and nimble, and enjoy contributing in an ever-shifting, fast-paced and collaborative environment.
  • A self-aware, courageous and resilient leader who isn’t hesitant to show your real self because you know you’ll get that authenticity back from your team.
  • Empathetic and know how to balance compassion with accountability and direction.
  • Known for your dedication to resolving conflict and motivating your team to head in the same direction.
  • Patient and level-headed; you stay calm even when things do not go as planned.
  • Adventurous and collaborative as you tactfully question the status quo, identify roadblocks before they arise and suggest improvements.
  • A gifted communicator who tailors messages to resonate, inspire and motivate each person uniquely.

    Fast-forward one year from today:

    • You have nurtured your pack who is revered company-wide for their keen observance and inventive ideas.
    • Our training programs fully embrace our brand philosophy and enhance customer experience because of the developments and enhancements you continually make.
    • You have earned the loyal respect of our entire team who appreciates your fairness, transparency and honesty.
    • You rely on our leadership team to provide you with support as needed and in turn filter and elevate select problems to them for consideration and resolution.
    • You initiate communication with cross-functional teams to deliver feedback from your frontline pack and keep an open channel of communication with other departments.
    • Your pack admires and counts on your mentorship and encouragement, and they attack daily goals with enthusiasm instead of trepidation.
    • Your partnership with the organizational development team has ensured that your pack of brand ambassadors are engaged, embody Ruffwear core values and are seeking opportunities for growth.
    • Your collaboration with the sales team has created clear guidelines for account management and customer support responsibilities.
    • Our existing and new customers are loyal to our brand and our products because of the education, solutions, inspiration and added value your pack has provided to them.
    • You have fully embraced the Ruffwear culture and appreciate working and playing with your pack.

    Are you ready for your dream customer support leadership role with one of Outside Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to work in Bend, Oregon? You have:

    • At least 3 years of leadership experience.
    • A bachelor’s degree.
    • Proven experience training people to help them perform at their absolute best.
    • Self-awareness and a philosophy of service to those around you and the community at large.
    • Percipient communication skills both in writing and verbally.
      Enthusiasm for staying current on customer service best practices and trends.
    • A reputation for anticipating problems before they occur.
      Working knowledge of all things Apple including operating systems and apps like Keynote.
    • A knack for mediating and facilitating healthy, respectful and creative group discussions.
    • Proficiency with Microsoft Office apps, particularly Excel.
    • A calm demeanor and are known for your gift of turning around difficult conversations.
    • The ability to visualize abstract problems and formulate solutions on the fly.
    • Potential experience with a cloud-based ERP system is a plus.
    • The ability to work full-time in Ruffwear’s Bend, Oregon headquarters.
    • A quick answer to #mydogismy.

    Make it yours:

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