Nico and Sol

Nico and Sol

#MyDogIsMy Sunshine

Nico Barraza is a professional ultra runner, writer, photographer, ski mountaineer, climber, and dog enthusiast. His dog Sol is his main training partner and adventure-seeking aficionado. Sol and Nico have traveled to almost every major mountain range in the US, living out of a van, and running peaks from Northern Arizona to the Teton Valley.

Nico Barraza & Sol in the snow
Ambassador Maria Schultz Paddleboard Instructor Poses with Riley and Kona in Ruffwear Float Coats

Sol is my companion. If the adventure is on dirt, snow, or rock she is with me. Really, she's my best friend!

Nico and Sol on the run
Sol as a puppy
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Sol in the snow
Be in the mile

Be in the mile

It's not about the pace, time, or average heart rate. It's not about miles covered or vertical gain. It's not about speed workouts, hill repeats, or races. It's not about personal records. It's not about sponsorships.